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How Brolly is automating their car insurance business

Brolly Insurance offers Stress-free car insurance based on Ghana. With the help of our platform service they automate the entire car insurance process through WhatsApp.

  • Brolly is running lead generation campaigns through WhatsApp chatbot
  • 70% of FAQs and customer queries are answered with WhatsApp chatbot.
  • 55% of customer support is automated.
  • With WhatsApp Brolly is able to automating insurance quotes, payments and KYC.

With WhatsApp chatbot they are automating queries and FAQs from customers. 35% of conversion. 70% of FAQ question handled. 55% of customer support is automated.

How EVA is automating their giveaway campaign on WhatsApp

EVA Nigeria is running an online giveaway campign via whatsapp and Instargram through Rapidbott.cloud.

👉 Total 1K active bot users

👉 Avg Daily Active Bot Users 37

👉 Total 19273 Messages Sent

Chat GPT 3.0

GPT 3.0 is a variant of the popular language model GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) developed by OpenAI. It is designed specifically for use in chatbots and other conversational AI applications, where it can generate human-like responses to user inputs.


The use of chatbots and other conversational AI applications has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, with applications ranging from customer service to language translation to virtual assistants. These applications rely on the ability of AI models to understand and generate natural language, and GPT 3.0 is one of the leading models in this field.

Build your own chatbot AI assitant with OpenAI chat gpt 3.0 integration with Rapidbott. Make your chatbots smarter and improve your AI user experince. For more detailed info please check this: Chat GPT 3.0


Now Riqueza has created easy money tranfer solution via Whatsapp. If you are from Austrila you can easily transfer Money AUD with best rates to INR easily.

  • Automated the invoicing and payment gateway integrated with WhatsApp.
  • Automation of customer onboarding and KYC to make the process easier for customers.
  • Real time transfer rates for Indian & Australian currency.
  • Automated database for easy track of customers and providing support.

Naomi Thomas

Agency Owner, Infinity Careers

Working with rapidbott is always a great experience. We are able to customize our bot exactly how we envision it and the team is very solutions-oriented. We love brainstorming creative ways to accomplish our goals with them.

Dixon Mathew

Co-Founder, Blusteak Media

Was great working with Rapidbott. The best part I loved about working with them is the feedback that I recieved to improve my idea of the chatbot.

Lina Klansek


EI have to say, that the platform is really easy to use and has a great logic to it. I like it a lot.

Riccardo Pagano

Co-Founder, AdventureVue

Rapidbott is amazing. They can create almost anything that crosses your mind when it comes to bot. I love their style and attention to details


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